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My own website!

September 6th, 2010 (01:38 pm)

Hey check it out! My new website! http://www.rabbyc.com

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Tanduay ICE Alcomix

March 7th, 2010 (09:44 pm)

I had an opportunity to sample a Tanduay ICE Alocmix when we went out to have a get together with the officemates. After a "shot" sample, we decided to get a bottle (each) to really taste what it's like.

The taste was interesting, it was sweet and since I am an avid fan of 100 plus (isotonic sports drink, which by the way I drink almost everyday), I can say that it was somewhat the same taste as the White 100 plus. Note that AB (Asia Brewery) is the same distributor/maker of both 100 Plus and Tanduay ICE, this might be the reason for the taste and the white (vinegar like) or cloudy white color of the drink.

Going back to Tanduay ICE, I bought a pair today to really decide for myself if this can be an alternative to San Mig Light.

I can say a yes and no... (ironic huh)..

why YES

- It's the same as San Mig light (5% ALC Vol.)
- It still nice to drink even if it's not that ICE Cold
- This is I guess a good introductory Alcohol drink for starters
- Can be served as an alternative to other somewhat bitter drinks out there
- Ladies drink?

why NO

- more expensive (as of this writing, I got these pair at Mini Stop for Php 33 (San Mig light is only Php 27))
- I did like the fact that it made the bitter taste of San Mig light go away, so making this just as the chaser.
- not available in sari sari stores near my house

There you go.. I encourage you to get and taste one.. it's worth the try. And let me know your verdict.

The rest of the pics here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rcalicdan/sets/72157623446662137/

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Open Letter to Nokia Philippines

February 15th, 2010 (05:32 pm)

current mood: annoyed


I am opening up the message I sent to Nokia Philippines. Do you have concerns? Let me hear em @ your comments!



My E72 is always restarting! This is just a week old phone.

I know that there might be a chance I need to visit a Nokia Care branch for a check BUT these are the reasons that holds me from going to Nokia Care:

1. There are reports that Nokia Care breaks more that it fixes. I have read that some customers, complain on only one issue and Nokia Care will call them saying there are a lot of hardware issues.

2. An officemate told me that when she wanted to update the Firmware, they wanted to open the hardware to check for faulty wiring. Please explain to me why do the technicians need to open up the phone for a software update? And why does Nokia sell faulty units? I think you need to recall defective E72's or phones with known issues, especially Hardware. It makes me think the phone is Fire Hazard.

3. The time it takes to get the phone back. I have heard of weeks and months just to get the phone back. Why is this?

Please give me someone to communicate to with these issues I pointed out and possible clarify things up. Please provide an email address of any marketing personnel or support.

I will be looking forward for your reply.


I will be updating this once a response has been given to me.

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Another Message to the Office of the President

January 4th, 2010 (07:38 am)

Madam President,

Kapapanood ko lang sa TV na nag pla-plano ang MMDA ng Female Urinals, kung ako po ay tatanungin ay asikasuhin muna ang mapanghi at mababahong Male urinals bago sila mag introduce ng panibangon ikaka baho ng Merto Manila. Kung mapapadaan kayo sa Pasay-Baclaran Urinals, nangigitata ito at napaka baho. Araw Araw nalang pag dumadaan ang jeep na sinasakyan ko, napaka panghi at masakit sa ilong ang mga urinals na sa tingin ko ay walang maintenance.

Rabby Calicdan

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My Plans for 2010

January 1st, 2010 (11:25 pm)

My Plans this 2010
Ah… it’s the new year! First of, thanks to Our Lord and another year he has spared us from judgement. And for giving us the gift of life every morning!

2009 was the most stressful year for me. I was assigned to the most dynamic denomination in the company. The last two quarters was the toughest. The sher volume of work and the sleepless nights made my sleeping patterns ruined. I was staying longer at the office more than at home, AND I am having a hard time sleeping and waking up every day. Before the year ended, I am aware of “some” of the projects/tasks ahead. It will be hard but I must be ready whether I like it or not.

2010 plans…
My challenge to myself is this:
“If young people (my age bracket) can make it big, how can I also?”

Well here’s my plan:
1. LEARN – I admit that I cannot demand a raise or a big salary to an employer for the skills that I have right now. Not that I do not have significant knowledge, but I really need to step up on the complicated things to make myself marketable. Learning/refreshing technical skills like SQL, Automation, and process improvement, methodologies etc.. will be my only ticket to make it big. Companies will come to me instead of me coming to them. But my problem is this, work right now is so demanding I don’t have time to do my personal stuff. As of this writing, an idea popped into my head to have time for myself to learn these things. I need to do a fast track so that 2010 will be my stepping stone to a great 2011.
2. SAVE – YES, I need to save up… I’ll just do my best to NOT use and pay up my credit card debt and save up money to finance my ambitions in the near future. Of course I am not going to be in the same company forever (unless I’d get the same benefits that I am expecting when I’m abroad). I’m planning to open up a bank account on or before my birthday.
3. HEALTH – what’s a huge paycheck, a good savings account when you’re health is deteriorating? I have to be health concious so I can do all the things I need to do to become successful. A good and healthy lifestyle will make sure the money I save up will stay there and not at the hospital cashier.
4. WORK ABROAD – yes this is the ultimate goal for me… after the LEARNING, the SAVING, the good HEALTH checkups, I am now fit to work abroad, to earn, save up so I can redo again the LEARN, SAVE, and HEALTH.

That’s it for now… I posted this to remind myself of what to do this year. I hope to finish a WBS for myself to accomplish these plans of mine and make 2010 the most productive and wealthiest year of my life and career.

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Acer Philippines - Sales & Support feedback


This is my experience with Acer Philippines, I would like to share it so that you can decide for yourself if you will or will not trust this Brand. This post was not influenced by anybody; this is just me pouring out my dissatisfaction with Acer Philippines.

Barely a month ago, I was scouting for a branded desktop to replace my retired desktop. I opted to choose a branded desktop because it has neat packages and these days, the specs are at par with the assembled PC’s and since it’s branded you get the peace of mind that you get quality hardware and getting support will be a breeze because they have a name or reputation if you may, to take care of.

Well… I was WRONG

I saw this Acer Desktop, the specs were great and the package was very attractive. Long story short I bought the unit and was happy with the purchase, for me, this is a steal for the price.

Two days after, I started having problems with the wireless (yes this unit has WLAN). And after some observation, I realized there was a problem and started to diagnose it. Apparently the WLAN card intermittently turns on/off when doing a cold boot. Sometimes it turns on most of the time it does not. I remembered that Windows Vista had installed several updates before this issue occurred and so I decided to remove the said updates (two days worth of updates) to isolate if the driver of the WLAN was affected by the update. Alas the WLAN was not fixed. Out of desperation and since I haven’t installed anything yet, I attempted to restore factory settings using the recovery cd (which was made during the burn test of the unit). My attempt failed. The computer restarted, then recovery ran it wiped out the OS but it did not continue. For several minutes I waited but nothing. I tried to reboot but after rebooting, it did not find any OS, in short, PC was dead. It was really a downer because for a moment I thought, just two days, my investment was gone. I called up the store which I bought this unit from (Silicon Valley) and I was advised to bring the unit over including the recovery disks. I did and I was brought to the service center luckily it’s just across the store.

I told the technician everything and the technician was able to recover my PC to its factory state. I was happy and I saw that the WLAN was working again. I went home and to my shock, after setting up, after turning on my desktop WLAN stopped working again. Can you imagine this?

This is the “smoking gun” where I really needed to contact Acer Philippines. I sent an email and 3 days after, their response was the Code 10 error in the device manager says that the device was not properly setup and possibly driver issues. It looked like a copy paste description but anyway I know what Code 10 is I already researched Google. In response to the email, I told them everything and said if Acer will still insist that this is a device driver or some conflicts between the hardware(s) I will have to blame Acer for assembling this kind of configuration which will have potential problems.

After several days no reply from Acer, I tried calling their customer service hotline but to no avail. I don’t know if the representatives are all busy or they don’t have agents who will answer and the recording is just a generic lie.

I informed Acer via email (for record purposes) that I will bring my PC to the service center for a complete diagnosis. They did not respond to my email but still I went to the service center to have my now a week old desktop for potential (hate to say it) repairs.

The technician broke the seal and opened up the case. He replaced the WLAN to another slot and tried to pull it out and put it back again, because it might be loose or something, but nothing. It did not function at all. Instead of leaving the entire desktop cpu, I just left the now defective WLAN. This is now for investigation and if proven broken will be replaced. I emailed Acer AGAIN (no reply ever since my second email) to inform them what had happened again for record purposes.

Several days have passed and I called up the service center to check on the status. I was told that the WLAN is for replacement and is unsure when the supplier can provide a replacement. That made me upset a little bit. I emailed Acer AGAIN and this time I included all Acer email addresses I can find (regardless what country and who ever person with position) to ask why is this the case? Why not just send me a replacement WLAN card immediately? This is just (now a) two week old desktop? AGAIN NOBODY from Acer responded to my email. BUT after a couple of days, I did get a call from the service center saying that my replacement WLAN has arrived and can be picked up/installed at any time. Did you think CC’ing the CEO and several other Acer Philippines personnel to my last email did the trick? I would like to assume it did you will learn later why.

I went to the store on my rest day to get my WLAN installed. The replacement WLAN is now working up to this day. This is why I think my last email got their attention. I was informed by the technician that my email was forwarded to the service center and they read my email. You see they are reading my emails and nobody is responding to it. How frustrating is that?

Lastly, a day after my “replacement” WLAN got installed a guy called and he says he’s from Acer. I really want to drop the call; they are like the police in Philippine movies where they arrive when all the tension is over. Sort of like the cleanup crew. I said I am still doing a burn test to the device and it is inconclusive to tell right away that problem is solved. He told me that he will call again tomorrow to check but guess what, he never called back.

NOW as of this writing, my Acer Mouse I believe is now BROKEN. Yeah now my mouse is broken! It continuously blinks and is unusable. I tried it to other laptops here at home and same result. I tested my old mouse via the same USB ports and it works fine.

I am really SAD and FRUSTRATED about this, it seems like hardware is breaking down one by one. I emailed Acer again using the same email thread, just changed the subject. I said WILL YOU SEND ME A MOUSE?!

If you’re asking me why I told them to send me a replacement it’s because I don’t want to go back and forth the store/service center just for this mouse. I already spent gas money, food by going to and fro the service center during the WLAN issue. If you can just imagine the burden of carrying the heavy CPU tower to the service center several times and the labor of driving. I will now end this post, with this simple question.

Will you still buy Acer products after you read my horrific after sales support?

Update: I forgot to mention.. I found this post and I think they are just joking when they said this (if it were true) http://tinyurl.com/ybmhauh

Update: 11/23/09

Acer called up this afternoon, they will be replacing my defective Acer mouse and will be delivered to the service center I went to (in ATC). They will be replacing it immediately all I have to do is to surrender the defective mouse. I wonder which of the devices will malfunction next? :(

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Ondoy's theme song..

October 3rd, 2009 (06:47 pm)

In tune of "Bahay Kubo"

Bahay ko po

dami putik

ang pumasok doon

ay sari sari

Nalamas na karton

sirang mejas at damit

silya, basurang


ONDOY parusa

binura Marikina

at saka meron pa

lumubog na Edsa!

Montalban at Pasig

Taytay at Cainta

sa paligid ligid ay

puno ng BAHA!


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Answering the Question: “Why do you want to attend SemCon 2009“.

September 14th, 2009 (02:13 pm)

I have to admit, multiple of the confirmed speakers in the conference are my officemates, (I want this to be clear early on to avoid any biases when reviewing my entry or be in an awkward position, I have no intention in anyway to use them to pick me, I may get disqualified by this but it's ok, at least I tried.. and I did not see any rules about disqualifying entries if you are a co-worker of a speaker, if there is such a rule.. I didn't see it) although I am not in close working relationship with them, what I mean by that is, I get to interact with their subordinates. I do get to email them; but enough said here's why I want to attend.

I am a rookie SQAE (Software Quality Assurance Engineer) by profession, I check sites for the presence of tags for Analytics and SEO (page rank purposes). I got to attend a simple seminar on SEO in the company but it has been a while and it pretty much covers just the introduction of SEO. Little by little I learn the importance of Analytics and SEO/SEM as I test it again and again. After almost working 2 years in the company I am in right now, I can say, we have the World class people working in our Marketing Department.

The Reason

I want to attend this conference for 2 major reasons:

1.) Work - As I have mentioned I am a SQAE. The company I am in right now is Marketing driven. I do have a hint on how our Marketing team does their SEO/SEM. If I get to attend this conference as QA I will have more confidence in voicing out suggestions or propose other alternatives to the solution. Also as QA I want to learn in detail how search engines work as they crawl your site.

2.) Personal Growth/Gain - If selected, undoubtedly  this conference will boost my confidence and skills. I strongly believe that there are a lot of opportunities out there for this field. And aside from my current position, I can be productive outside the office and I can practice this skills learned to be a freelancer. What I am most interested about is blogging. If not for profit, as a gadget enthusiast, I want to review stuff before it's released in the market or any newly launched tech stuff. I strongly believe that having good page ranks will get the manufacturer's attention and give me a review unit!

There you go... my 2 reasons why I want to attend SemCon 2009

Contest rules are Here
More about the Conference Here

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Bar Vodka Experiment

August 13th, 2009 (08:05 pm)

Advertisements do work huh? Day after day, on my way to work, I am seeing this mini billboard of BAR Vodka / Gin at the MRT Taft Ave Station. I am soooo curious because the endorsers are in my age-range. And I get the perception that this product is intended for long engagements or parties if you may..

First Impressions:

The presentation is simple, it’s just a long necked bottle, with a one double sided label. The hard part was opening the bottle. Boy the cap is so tight, I needed an opening tool to do it. I was surprised to see a (what I call or it’s really called that way) stopper. This is I guess to measure the amount of liquor to pour in the glass. (I don’t know I am not familiar with these). Anyways I tried to take a sip and I can say that this drink is smooth. Jinro (Korean Wine) is much rougher than this. Maybe I can consider is the San Mig Light version of Vodka.  It has a strong orange scent which I think is a big plus. The scent is a big part when tasting something so it gives you an impression that you’re just taking orange juice (with alcohol).

I got to drink 2 small glass (mixed with orange juice) and I got the “hit” after a few minutes more. I can say that this is a good drink (when mixed) and I can recommend this for all night long parties or events.

I will drink the whole thing during the weekends so I can go to bed early and rise up late! Hehe…

Anyone got to try this?

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Google Translates my message to PGMA in English

June 29th, 2009 (08:54 am)

I can't stop laughing when I translated my recent post in english via Google.. enough commercials here's the translation.... (shout out for Jeric Cabuyao.. hahahah!)

Original Article Here

I was bored po nung sometimes take me to MRT. I am a regular mananakay the MRT, the heavy and jostle natitiis I was able to enter and get home early. Pero nung once you are bored I was. It is the late, more passengers and the long interval of the train. Is the Shaw Blvd. Station, a train passing in the middle, not the specific reason this is the minimum of all the passengers more south. Filled with too much platform, too many people in the decision together that we wag nalang mag MRT and bus nalang. Back me Ticketing station for a refund or pass because I used the incoming ticket. Laking surprise and irritation ko nung sabihin sakin ng nag bebenta the ticket with a reduction of the P10 appears to me same station. Boarding fee if daw hindi ako nag kakamali.

Sa tagal kong sumasakay the MRT just now I found it. No information on post with this kind of system. And another very unfair because it did not used or napakinabangan the fare. I think that should remove this extrang charges. Not just not pay napakinabangan.

Isa pa po, would increase the guard platform, only dadalawa and incorrect ratio of the number of passengers on the 2 guard. and marshals would have the peak hours to sasaway in the tutulakan and sisiksikan. yung mga naka uniform dun sa office nila dun much for leisure.

Thank you!

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